PVC Tablecloth

Nothing has as stunning an effect than a brand new tablecloth when updating your dining room or kitchen table on a budget. As this piece of furniture is the being the centrepiece of your kitchen or dining room, changing its cover automatically transform the décor of the whole room. You can use tablecloths of different colours during different seasons. On the one hand, deep coloured ones such as navy blue and burgundy will give off a homely and cosy feel to the room during the winter season. On the other hand, lighter hues such as pure white and lime green gives the room an airier and fresher feel during the summer season. You can also purchase themed tablecloths for occasions such as Christmas and birthday parties. However, you need to remember that you will have to spend a lot of time cleaning the stains from the tablecloth, especially if you are using on made from cotton as the spills from foods and beverages are impossible to remove without bleaching the fabric. This is why you should have a wipeable tabecloth.

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Unfortunately, this is not a suitable option as bleach fades the colourful designs of the fabric, damaging them beyond repair. Apart from this, bleach also damages the strength of cotton and other similar fabrics. The good news is that you can purchase a pvc tablecloth, which costs approximately the same amount as that of cotton ones.

Benefits of PVC

Tablecloths are nowadays available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, as well as materials. Over the years, the choices of material have been updated and refined. Thanks to new technologies, the modern generation PVC tablecloth can withstand spills of all kinds. Simply wipe them with a cloth dipped in a mild solution of soap to remove all food and drink stains. Traditionally, manufacturers used natural materials like cotton to manufacture tablecloths. However, nowadays one has a massive host of options to choose from such as vinyl and PVC. Both PVC and vinyl, apart from being easy to clean in case of a spillage, are extremely hard wearing as well. Their waterproof nature makes them the perfect choice for any type of occasion, in which you need a durable and easy to clean protector. Another added advantage of tablecloths manufactured from PVC is that they are much less likely to tear or rip.

Be careful

However, you should be careful and ensure that you do not put any sharp edged object on the PVC tablecloth as moving them over the surface of the tablecloth will rip the latter, making it unable for use in the future. As they are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, you can purchase several of them, and use the one you feel is suitable for an occasion. If you have a favourite cotton tablecloth, and would like to use that, simply cover it with a transparent PVC tablecloth. The waterproof layer of PVC protects grease and fluids from seeping into the cotton fabric. Always check the thickness (measured in microns) of the polyvinyl chloride. Opt for a thicker one for regular use.